Our Mission

The future of our food system is uncertain.  As the number of hungry mouths and the frequency of extreme weather events like droughts and floods grows, the next generation must seize the opportunity to create a resilient food economy. The face of farming is ripe for change. The average age of farmers in the U.S. is 55 and rising. Across the U.S. young people are already cultivating the future they want to see, from innovative farming techniques to restructuring access and control of resources, like land and seeds. But, we still don’t have enough up and coming farmers to fill the gap.

Photo credit: Christy Newell

We want to inspire tomorrow’s leaders. Along our bike journey up the Mississippi River, we will meet and capture the stories of young farmers working in America’s breadbasket. This is only the beginning. Join us to spark up a conversation about young people cultivating food and community.